If I really wanted to… I would become the best

Have you heard anybody say to you or maybe you have said this before-

If I really wanted to, I would be the best entrepreneur in the world.

If I really wanted to, I would build a big podcast.

If I really wanted to, I would build a really big youtube channel.

If I really wanted to, I would be in shape

If I really wanted to, I would be a millionaire.

If I really wanted to, I would make the world a better place to live

You must have heard or said yourself numerous times before.

“If I really wanted to….”

Over the past 4-5 years, I have heard this phrase being said by many learned, talented and extremely critical people so many times… I am like.. why don’t you then??

If I really wanted to be, I would come first in my batch, in my department, in my college. If I really wanted and had time, I would have 20k followers on Instagram and whatnot.

So I sat down once and started thinking that – why do people say this?

So they are actually saying that If I really want to be, I will become the best in insurance or real estate agent. But…But…But.. I don’t want to be the best.

OKAY!! So why don’t you want to be the best? Let’s process this.

Because if you really want to be the best, what does it look like when you become “the best”? Let’s unpack and unravel that first.

So you actually really want to, and you really give your best, so what’s your life look like? Where are you living? What’s your house look like? How much money do you have? $1000 a week, $2000 a week… what are you making?

Understand this!!

Now, what community are your kids getting exposed to? Is it good for them? Private school?  Is it good for them? Are they getting better coaches for their sports, hygiene and education? Are they able to have better peers around them? Are they getting to see their role models? Are they becoming better human beings with great value systems? Are they in a better environment?  Is your better half in a better environment?

So are you able to because you decided to actually be the best real estate agent, best insurance agent, the best entrepreneur, the best scientist or academician or whatever… Did you and your family benefit from it? Or your parents benefit from it? Or your parents having better insurance, healthcare and medical facilities? Are your grandparents staying in an environmentally nicer place today?

So in what way if I really wanted to be the best….in what way do I get a negative from being the best. If I were to give my best. What negative comes with it?

Or the truth is – It’s just a cop-out i.e. avoid doing something that one ought to do.

You say that because you are confident in a bold or cheeky way but the reality is you are so scared internally.

Because you really don’t know that if you gave your best you will become the best Youtuber, Instagram mar.

If you gave your best you will top the college.

If you gave your best you would be best at your job.

Because you don’t know that. You are just saying it. Feels good to you. Helps your pride. Makes you feel confident. But deep down inside you are little bit scared. You don’t know that this will become a reality or not- so it scares you. So, what’s the best alternative.

Don’t give your best!!

Why don’t I give my best? Because if I don’t give my best, I can always hide behind the statement of-


And you know it’s not the truth. So, all of us reading this, we have to choose one thing if we have said this before.

OPTION 1– If you really give your best, and you became the best you wanted to do…is it worth it? Does everybody in your family benefit from it?

So why not go find out? Because if you don’t….

OPTION 2 – maybe secretly you are so scared. You are just trying to conceal it by giving that statement of “If  I really wanted to I be the best..” because it’s such a warm and fuzzy place to hide.

So, let’s answer that question for ourselves

IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO AND GAVE YOUR BEST… in what you are currently doing.. what would you be 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years from now?

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