15 Reasons why you should have a mentor

There are only a few things that are more valuable than having a mentor in your journey to success. Your capability to secure the right mentor could be the difference between making it or failing wretchedly. Those who undervalue the power of mentorship are less likely to succeed due to a variety of different reason, most of which I want to share here today. But before we get started what precisely a mentor is?

By definition, a mentor is somebody who offers his or her knowledge and wisdom and advice to someone who is less experienced. There are various types of mentors, but the concept is pretty much the same. A mentor is someone who has walked the same road which you wish/plan to walk, and that can help you speed up the process. You can have numerous mentors at the same time. You can have devoted mentors for diverse aspects of your life, like a mentor in your business, a mentor for your health, a mentor for your spiritual side and so on. With the ABCs out of the way, let’s quickly jump into 15 reasons why you should have a mentor and why if you don’t, you are probably doomed to fail.

1. They have been there and done that

The most significant advantage of having a mentor is that they have already achieved what you are pursuing. Which means, they have already gone through the struggles you are facing right now or are bound to suffer. They make mistakes but also found creative solutions along the way. A mentor will share these visions with you, decreasing the time it takes for you to reach their level, and maximizes your chance for success.

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2. You can talk to somebody who is an impartial third Party

A mentor should straightforward and provide unbiased advice. They are not your mother, and they will not put your personal feelings above facts.

This is incredibly valuable because most people around you are emotionally invested in you as an individual. Still, a mentor can look at the past and judge your hard work for what they really are. No matter your business idea, you are less likely to get a response from your loved ones who are your innermost circle because they want to support you. Guess what, the world cares about outcomes and not particularly about you. Your mentor will provide that balance.

3. They have a diverse, extensive network of contacts and connections that you don’t

Your mentor is always swimming with a bigger fish. In their journey, they have already assimilated a variety of contacts which would be out of your reach for someone like you. A mentor can facilitate access, and open doors for you to give you the right amount of an edge to make it. In your journey, you will as well grow your network but how awesome is it that if deemed worthy that someone is providing you with the access that your competitor is struggling to get. Never undervalue the power of someone else’s network, and you should have a strong focus of developing your own.

4. It’s the best free service you can ever get.

Most mentors only want to see you do well. A real mentor wants you to succeed, not for their monetary gain at least not for the first time around. There are people called consultants which you can pay hefty sums of money to go through your day to day business and see if they can spot any vulnerabilities or points to optimize. Usually, these consultants are book-smart, and although their advice is valuable, they lack the street smarts needed to make it happen for themselves. That’s how they ended up working for the company in question. A right mentor doesn’t require you to pay them for there advice. They are satisfied just seeing you succeed.

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5. Your mentor may acquaint you to a career path or business opportunity that you did not know existed before

One of the incredible things about mentors is their ability to spot opportunities which you might not have seen otherwise. Because they have been there before and they have a deeper understanding of the game as you do. They can connect multiple dots which are out of reach for a beginner entrepreneur. The approve of the concept, they are living example that you can make it big in a new industry and will advise you the rights ways to go about it. They will take you under their wings and provide you with tools of growth and development. Your job is to listen to them and trust their more developed instincts.

6. A mentor will help you stay in the quest for success longer

Straight-out a mentor has already made a ton of costly mistakes. Anyone of these can lead to the end of your business if not dealt with correctly. Not only a mentor cautions you ahead of time about negative things that are about to happen but also gives you the solution he or she found for them. They can advise you how to dodge those snags completely. This permits you to use your resources more efficiently, plus increasing your chances of surviving. Statistics show that 70% of mentored businesses reach the 5-year mark. That’s an incredible percentage as 20% of the businesses survive the first year. Out of those statistically half enter the year five.

7. Your probability of succeeding with a mentor is always higher

Here’s what the numbers say, a study conducted late 2013 showed that 80% of the poled CEOs have received mentorship in one form or the other. At the startup stage, the same research shows that 93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success. Your chance in life and business can be amplified by having a mentor. Valuable connections, timely advice and occasional checks together with spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor will literally leapfrog you to success.

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8. They push you to learn

A mentor will quickly notice what you are sheathing behind in terms of knowledge. Their job is to shove you in the right direction, and most of the times, this starts with information. Any real mentor will recommend you reading material that applies to your industry or your specific field. They will point out what you should look into to draw much-needed knowledge from it. And they will keep you pushing to improve your understanding. They know how important it is to succeed.

9. A mentor will save you a lot of money

Each error you make will cost you money. That’s usually how people absorb they spend time with money making mistakes, and they draw knowledge from the experiment made. A mentor can provide you with the experience you need. Sparing you the cost of going through yourself. Because they have done this before and already know how to optimize your entire process, so you spent the least amount of money necessary to get the most significant possible results. They can see leaks in your business that you might otherwise miss. By having him or her actively involved saving a ton of money.

10. They can support you to make the right choice

There will be phases in your journey where you reach a crossroad and need to make a choice. Having a mentor smoothens out that process. They can help you better assess the situation. And age you into better making the right call for yourself and business depending your end goal is. There are very few people in the world that can give premeditated advice in times like these, and mentor is one of them.

11. They’re a depiction of your goals

Another thing mentors have the power to do is serve as inspiration. Your mentor already reached the destination you are working towards. They are living a lifestyle you desire. They won the race that you are racing in right now. It’s always easier to reach a destination if you have a clear understanding of where you are going. A mentor is that anchor in the distance that keeps your inner spark alive. You want what they have already achieved and blessed to have them guide you in your path.

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12. They call you out on your bullshit, and they are right

Sometimes in your life or your entrepreneurial journey, you get so caught up in your own fairytale that you fail to see the big picture. The biggest enemy, in this case, is yourself. It’s so easy for you to keep telling yourself that you are doing the right thing, but in reality, you are just not ready to face the facts. People might be impressed by what you are saying, but a mentor can see through that bullshit and make you meet the truth. This might be a little punitive, but they are usually right. Your ability to take the pride away and face the music will help you succeed and help you keep the relationship with the mentor in place. Otherwise, they will drop you and move on to better things.

13. They understand the struggle

There are very few people that are going through the same struggles right now. They know about the doubts, and they know about the sleepless nights. They know about the distrust in your family and inner circle as they have been there themselves. They know what it feels like to sacrifice your relationships. They know what it is to work for 14-16 hours per day because they have done it. They went through the same hell that you are going through right now, which puts them in a unique position to offer you real insights which you can’t get from anywhere else.

14. They share your fundamental values

If someone decides to accept you as there mentee, that usually means that to some degree that generally means that they see them in you. A mentor relates to your story. As I mentioned in the previous point, they understand your struggles and want you to succeed. Finding someone who shares your fundamental values is the most challenging point on this list because we all are coming from different backgrounds. We all have different stories. It is the core values that will decide whether the mentorship relation will begin or not. The two parties could have the same work ethos, usually the same uprising. They can have a similar challenge early on. That is something to consider while picking a mentor early on because otherwise, the mindset won’t be the same, and the relationship is bound to fail.

15. They can back you up financially if it comes to it.

They connect you to the right individuals. They want to see traction first to see that; actually, you can pull this off if you have proper resources. Mentorship is free advice, but financial backing is taking that relationship to the next level.

I am curious to know whether you have a mentor. Someone who has walked the exact road which you intend to walk on. Let me know in the comments.

So, here is how to get a mentor if you don’t have it already.

1. Know yourself and where you want to go. Discover your passions.

2. Find someone who is in the vicinity of that point and is a living proof that your goal is attainable. This person should be from your geography and a success story from your area. The more significant their success, the harder they will be able to connect with.

3. Study him or her. Find out where they are from. What’s their story? What their journey and business look like? And learn as much as conceivable about their business.

4. Reach out to them, proving them that you have done your homework. If you want free advice and contacts you need to work for it first.

Comment and let me know that you are working to find your mentor for success. It’s not going to be easy, but it will undeniably be worth it.

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