15 Reasons why you are not ready to be rich

This might not be such a great experience for you. This might be calling you out on some things which you might be doing, that are actively keeping you from progress in your life. Not everybody is ready to accomplish financial success, and that’s for a good reason. But here is an opportunity to take a look on behaviours, practices, habits and overall lifestyle one follows which might be keeping them from success.

If you are late in coming here, then a red flag should pop up in your mind signalling maybe its time to make a change but only if your goal is to achieve financial success. Money doesn’t come cheap, it needs way more effort than you think. It pushes you to evolve into something else, to be cannier, work harder and make sacrifices which maybe you are not willing to make at this point.

Continue reading and see for yourself.

Here are the 15 signs you are not ready to be rich.

1. You can’t save money

Here we go again, but I don’t make enough money to save. Sorry but that’s not how this works. If you aren’t able to save 10% of your income now, you won’t be able to save either if your income doubles. You might be thinking that if money doubled your lifestyle would remain the same. That’s not usually what happens. People who spent all the money they earn typically adjust their lifestyles according to their earning ceiling. Try it for yourself and see what happens. List down everything you spent money on in the last 2 weeks and find which expenses were unnecessary. You will agree with me to find more than 10% thrown around on things you didn’t need or particularly want. You just went with the flow.

2. You still expect to get rich quick

Real wealth is built in time. It takes brick after brick to erect a decent wall. You always visualize what it will be like if you magically get 1 million dollars. What will be like to win the lottery? What if you found out that a long lost relative has left you a fortune. Those who actually want to be rich, don’t waste time on wishful thinking. Instead, they get to work contrary to someone else. They are getting rich gradually. It will take years, and in the first few, you may not see much movement, but with time things start to shape up. Before you know it, they are exponentially growing. But you are left in the same spot hoping for the universe to provide with what you want instead of working for it.

3. You wait for the right time

This is another mistake most people make them wait for an opportunity for all things to align themselves before they make a move. This is basically the same wishful thinking I talked about earlier. The time will never be perfect. Here’s something most people don’t know that’s incredibly valuable. “NOW IS BETTER THAN PERFECT” – Mostly because perfect doesn’t exist and now allows you to move forward. It enables you to evaluate what’s going well and what isn’t. You can make modifications and improve after all the goal is to move forward.

4. You take pride in your humble lifestyle

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.

– C.s. Lewis

Don’t get me wrong, but you must be happy with your present reality, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to improve everything about your life. People depend on you and considering you have limited time on earth why you wouldn’t want to make the best of it. There’s no nobility in being poor.  Poor means that you are unable to take care of yourself if something happens. Poor means you don’t get access to the same opportunities as everybody else. Fix all of that and then live a minimalist lifestyle. That’s how you win.

5. Hard work is all it takes- there’s a missing link

Let me put it this way. If hard work is all that is required to be successful, the wealthiest people in the world would be coal miners. Building wealth and maintaining wealth involves a plethora of skills that need to work together in unison. Hard work and discipline is just one element in that jigsaw. In these days, your inability to leverage technology to your advantage is one of the most significant handicaps a person can possess. For some of you, English is not even your first language. Yet, you have adopted this technology, and now you have knowledge in reading the blog right now. Your ability to discipline, stimulate learning, adapt and leverage the technology available to you will all factor in. You need to think globally. Instead of opening a small store locally, why not set up an online shop and sell your products internationally. Just start the store as your first step and figure out how you can scale.

6. You work a job you hate

Raise your head if this touched something within you. Does it at least pay incredibly well? I am guessing not. It’s time to rethink what the hell are you doing with your life. Why are you not continually looking for alternatives? The fact you understand this and yet you do nothing about it clearly determines you are not ready to be rich. Successful people are constantly pushing towards a better life. They never settle for mediocrity or less than what they yearning. Jobs are putting food on your table, but rest of the time you must be putting in the work to escape it.

7. You spent plenty of time on entertainment

How many subscriptions to entertainment only services do you have? Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Spotify and more. How much time do you waste watching mediocrity TV shows or playing video games? With every hour in your day, our making a choice on what you spend it on. There is nothing wrong with putting some towards your passions but let be honest here. Are you overspending your time? What’s the ratio like?  In the words of J. Cole- “Some people make millions of other people make memes.” At some point, you will see your friends making progress in their lives. They are building families and happiness whereas you are stuck in your room and unable to cope up with reality.

8. You are scared of change

The fool is scared with what he doesn’t comprehend. Change can be tough, but in this day and age more than ever, you need to be able to embrace it. For if you don’t, you will be left behind. The world is changing super fast, but it laughs at people who want to chain themselves to the old ways. Just look at the world we live in comparison to 50 years ago. We are evolving, and you need to keep up if you want to survive. Not to mention if you’re going to be rich. You have a unique opportunity right now and look at the world how its changing adapt to what’s to come. By the time it happens, you will remain to wait, and the world will reward you.

9. Your friends want the simple life

Your environment is holding you down. Its truly said- You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. If you want to be rich surround with people working with people who have the same goal. They will keep you motivated. You will see them putting the hour and can share insights within your group. You shouldn’t contest with your friends. You should help each other grow, for you are battling against the world, not against each other. Do not judge your friends for not wanting to do as much as you do. This life may not be for everyone, and if you care more about these friendships, it might not be for you.

10. You don’t read for growth

I am a big ambassador of reading, especially now. People are bombarded by distractions. Reading can be an entertainment medium. Most do not realize that it is also a growth environment. Read to grow not to be entertained. Read to learn about the world and yourself. You have direct access to the works of some of the brilliant minds that ever live. All that value is coming up for you in books. Technology allows you to have access to that value to the lowest price in history. You just have to get it.

11. People find you arrogant and entitled

Another side you are not ready to be rich is you believe the world owes you your success. You think you are already better than anyone else without having anything to base that on. We judge others by their activities, but we tend to criticize ourselves based on our intent. Take a moment to think about this and evaluate yourself factually. Put your head down, have humility and keep moving forward. In times you will notice that the world is finely paying attention but not because how loud you scream, but because how far you have gone from what you had started.

12. Your religion looks down on wealth

It is always a controversial point when we talk about religion. People are more sensitive about this than anything else. But many people are held down, and they do not escape poverty because their religion of choice looks down on progress and wealth. In many religion, you may hear that heaven is no place for the wealthy or if you live in poverty, you will be in abundance in your next life. That’s a gamble we are not willing to take. Wealth is a tool nothing less and nothing more- in the same way, you can use a hammer to build a house and also use it to crush your finger. Believing in God or not has nothing to do with the good you can do in this world. Statistically speaking the poorest people in the world are the most religious. These people also have the least impact on the progress of humanity and the betterment of others. Deadly diseases are cured by growth, not by religion, and we are slowly increasing the quality of life for the world due to new technology. Do you want to be safe or you are going to do some saving yourself.

13. You have a single source of income

There comes the point in everybody’s life is what’s the worst thing that could happen. What if you are hit by a car tomorrow, and you are unable to work like the way you are working. Would you still be able to take care of yourself and those you care about, or they would have to take care of you. This is where diversification of income streams come in. Basically don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. No matter how much money you are earning start setting some aside.  Look for alternative investments. They might yield a small return, but they don’t depend on you as much. Real estates, loyalties, business opportunities will all be crucial in building long term wealth. Start today!!

14. You need other people to motivate you

This is one of the most treasured personal skills one must possess. In your journey, you need to push through sometimes with utter will power. You need to be in your own corner beholding yourself, calling yourself out in your own bullshit. Disciplining your mind and activities is one of the core requirement for achievements. Without a healthy mindset, you will never breakthrough. If you find it challenging to maintain focus to maintain yourself and force yourself to move forward, there’s bad news for you. You are nowhere ready to be rich. Search for a mentor then.

15. You don’t own a product or service that you sell, you are the product or service

If you are getting salaried for the time you work, somebody is monetizing you. The problem with this state is that there are only 24 hours in a day which means that if you work for 24 hours in a day, you will be paid only 24 times your hourly rate. That’s your ceiling, you will never earn more than that. People get rich by leveraging other people’s time and effort. They create systems and products that could help hundreds, thousands or even millions of people at the same time. This is a crucial shift in mindset. If you are not thinking this way, you are not ready to be rich.

Do any of these sounds like you? If you find yourself guilty of any of these signs, write in the comments below.

Which of the above are you struggling the most with?

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